Bioxsine Pure&White Dark Spot Whitening Concentrated Gel

BIOXSINE PURE & WHITE Eye Cream with its special hypoallergenic formula is suitable for the structure of the sensitive eye area.

Bioxsine Pure&White Dark Spot Whitening Concentrated Gel, prevents dark spots and provides lighter skin.

Patented Anti-Spot Herbal Complex: Helps give the skin a uniform tone and prevents unevenness on blemish-prone skin.

Alpha-Arbutin prevents the production of melanin and decreases the formation of spots and hyperpigmentation.

Resveratrol helps prevent the early appearance of wrinkles by renewing the skin with its powerful antioxidant properties. It also creates healthierlooking skin as wrinkles are reduced.

Ascorbic Acid lightens the skin, regulates the tone visibly and prevents the appearance of spots.

Niacinamide was proven in clinical studies to reduce visible spots within four weeks.

Vitamin B5 and Glycerin cares for, revitalizes and protects the skin by providing the necessary moisture for a smoother skin.

Thermal water, stimulates the skin’s natural moisturization mechanisms. Soothes and highly moisturizes the skin.

Apply to brown spots on the face, neck and hands twice or three times a day.