Bioxsine Intimate Hygiene Washing Gel

Gentle exfoliating peeling gel with fine granules, helping to regulate skin tone and give radiance to blemish-prone skin.

Bioxsine Intimate Hygiene Washing Gel with it’s natural and ECOCERT ingredients in the formula, provides hygiene and helps protecting the natural flora. This formulation is suitable to the vaginal pH and protects the sensitive region. With its pH 3.8 formula protects the microflora of the genital region against unwanted bacteria and fungi. Contains no soap, alkaline,paraben and phthalate .

Probiotics & Lactic Acid: Helps protecting the pH and natural flora of the vaginal region.

Tea Tree Oil: With its natural protective power it contributes to the protection of the vaginal region.

Allantoin and Bisabolol: Moisturizes and softens. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Dermatologically tested under gynecological control.

  • Compatible with the skin.
  • No unwanted effects.
  • Dermatollogically safe product.

Foam a few drops of “Intimate Hygiene Washing Gel” in your palm and gently clean the genital area.