How to Take Care of Hair Naturally

How to Take Care of Hair Naturally


You can go to the hairdresser for hair care or you can use quite expensive hair care cosmetics, but there is a more enjoyable and much more affordable way to do this; paying attention to your diet and creating a hair care routine that you can do at home with natural products. If you pay attention to these two and you can apply them regularly, you will never have to go to the hairdresser or buy expensive hair care products.

Methods you can apply to your hair and things you should be careful about;

Do not wash your hair with hot water

The excess oil produced in the scalp may be bad for your hair health, but our scalp and hair strands need this oil. If you remove this oil completely, you will have dry and dull looking hair that breaks very quickly.

If you take a shower with very hot water, this oil on the scalp disappears completely. Maybe there is no harm in washing your hair with hot water every 15 days, but if you wash your hair with hot water and shampoo 2-3 times a week, your hair will dry out after a while.

The advantage of washing your hair with cold water compared to hot water is that it increases blood circulation in the scalp and gives it healthy look. As the amount of blood in the scalp increases, the amount of oxygen that goes to the cells in the hair follicles also increases. The more oxygen circulation there is, the better your hair health will be.

Massage your hair with honey

Honey is a nutrient with a powerful effect that meets people's sugar cravings in the most natural way. It benefits our hair as well as our body. Thanks to the ingredients in honey, it repairs the scalp and makes the scalp stronger. It is a unique and healthy nutrient especially for those with dandruff and dry scalp problems. When honey is applied to the hair, it gives aliveness to the hair and helps it look shinier. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals in honey, it moisturizes the hair and it has a strong protective function against breakage and break offs.

It reduces the dryness and dandruff in the scalp by providing the moisture the hair needs. Honey also offers an ideal solution for heavily processed and dyed hair.

Moisturize your hair with almond oil

Frequent breakage of the ends and trying to get rid of this problem is one of the biggest issues for your hair to grow in the period of time you want. To avoid this, you can take care of your hair with almond oil.

If you regularly apply almond oil to your hair, your hair will become soft and it will be easier to give your hair shape. In addition, the soft hair will be more resistant to breakage, which means you can grow it in a shorter time.

Dry your hair naturally

When used frequently, tools such as hair dryers and curling irons dry out the hair, increase hair loss and cause the ends to break more often. If you are going to stay at home after taking a shower, dry your hair with a towel as much as possible without hurting it too much and let it dry naturally. Never brush your hair while it is wet. If you are going to use a hair dryer, at least, try to use it on its coldest setting. Thus, you will prevent your hair from drying and breaking.

Hair care and diet

As in skin care, the basic rule in hair care is providing health to your hair from the inside out. In other words, no matter how much you care from the outside, no matter how much you pay attention your hair, if you do not eat properly, your hair will definitely look unhealthy in the future. You can do the best favor to your hair by taking the vitamins and minerals the body needs, consuming less fast-food and canned foods, and drinking more water.