9 Tips for Hair Care at Home

9 Tips for Hair Care at Home


It is very difficult to have well-groomed hair, but with regular care, it is possible to have healthy hair in a short time.

We would like to share 10 short ways to have healthy hair with you. 

1 - Protect your hair against the weather

We always forget that we leave our hair vulnerable against weather conditions. We know that the sun dries the hair follicles, but the wind and rain also cause our hair to be drought and thus the hair starts to become electrified easily.

In this case, we can use moisturizing creams and nourishing serums to protect our hair. 

2 - Pay attention to the water temperature

If the water is too hot while taking a shower, it also damages both the hair follicles and the hair ends. It is known that washing the hair by massaging it with warm water prevents hair breakage and splitting.

3 – Choosing the right shampoo

When choosing your shampoo, don't forget that you have to choose the right product for your needs. The road to healthy hair also goes through products with healthy ingredients. When choosing shampoo, be careful to use products that contain herbal extracts.

4 – Blow dryers and hair stylers

The blow dryers and hair styling tools we use to shape our hair can cause breakage and burns, as they come into contact with our hair at high temperatures. Be careful to use any device that gives shape with high temperatures. When using a blow dryer, distribute the heat to your hair from a distance. When using hair styling products, be sure to use serums or oils to protect your hair beforehand.

5 – Use of towel for hair

After shower, wrapping your hair with a towel to absorb moisture causes your hair to break and become electrified. You can use organic thin cotton hair towels instead of the thick towels you use to dry your hair. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel, you can get rid of the moisture by massaging the hair with the towel.

6 – Do not let your hair lose moisture

During the day, your hair comes across with many different environmental factors. Dirty weather conditions, daily stress of living in a metropolitan city and many other things affect how our hair looks. When all these factors come together, our hair loses its moisture and starts to look lifeless. To prevent this, use oils and creams that will add intense moisture to your hair after shower and during the day. In addition to using moisturizing conditioners in the shower, choose care creams that you can apply during the day.

7 – Pay attention to frequency of washing your hair

Washing the hair and using shampoo every day cause your hair follicles and skin to dry. In order for your hair to be healthy, the hair follicles need oil that the body secretes naturally.  The process of providing oil and moisture balance in the hair that is washed every day starts to dry because it is exposed to excessive water constantly. We recommend you to leave your frequent washing habit behind since it also leads to thinning hair. For healthy hair, it is enough to wash your hair 3 days a week.

8 – Pay attention to your diet

In addition to vegetables and greens with tones of green and red, the rich nutritional habit you will obtain with healthy oils such as Omega 3 helps your hair look shine and alive.  Remember that what you eat always affects your appearance. Protein obtained from vegetables, meat and legumes is the golden rule for your hair to be healthy from the inside out.

9 – While using hair care products…

Hair care masks, oils and hair cures you apply to your hair should not be kept on the hair longer than the time period the company suggests. Hair that is exposed to excessive application loses its aliveness and when it dries, the sebum balance deteriorates and leads to stickiness.