Why is Keratin Important for Hair?


Keratin is one of the most important protein structures for our body. Keratin, which is very important for healthy hair, is also a necessary protein composition for nails and skin. Every person has keratin, but some individuals cannot maintain healthy hair, nails and skin structure because it is low.

Keratin, which has many functions such as healthy growth of hair, stronger nails, and protection of the youth of the skin, is a protein that can be taken from outside. If your keratin ratio is low, you can take keratin as a supplement. One of the most powerful and beneficial keratin-containing supplementary foods is keratin tablets. This product protects hair health and helps the whole body thanks to the amino acids, biotin and zinc it contains.

By using keratin, you can take the nutrients that your body cannot produce enough from outside and help protect your health. Contrary to popular belief, keratin does not only make hair healthier. In addition, it also protects the skin.  

What are the Benefits of Keratin?

As we have mentioned before, keratin has many benefits. Keratin is a substance that can be produced by the body, which has great benefits for hair, skin and nails that need protein. However, it can also be taken as supplementary food. You may read the benefits of keratin below:

  • Keratin is effective against hair loss and it supports healthy growth of hair.
  • Makes your hair shinier.
  • Makes your hair more flexible. In this way, both the hair will be softer and the possibility of hair breakage will be reduced.
  • Protects the health of hair and scalp.
  • Prevents finger and toenails get thinner.
  • Helps nails to be healthier.
  • Protects the beauty of the skin.
  • Delays the signs of aging by providing the protein needed by the skin.
  • Helps maintain the body's natural balance.
  • The skin maintains its elasticity, thus minimizing the possibility of skin problems.

As it can be understood from the list above, one of the protein structures that the body needs most is keratin. Therefore, if the production of keratin in your body is not enough, it is very important for your body and your health to take keratin as a supplementary food.