Why Does Your Hair Change Color Under the Sun

Why Does Your Hair Change Color Under the Sun? Why Does Your Hair Turns Blonde in the Summer?


Blonde hair is a hair color that many people love. Many shades of yellow are also used in hair dyes. Inside the blonde hair lovers club, most people want the blonde in their hair to be natural. That's why they apply substances such as oxidant and chamomile water to their hair and go under the sun. It is known by everyone that the sun has a brightening effect on hair colors. Even if we don't want to, the result is obvious in cases of intense sun exposure in the summer. Your hair color changes. So, why does the hair change color in summer with the effect of the sun? Is this situation healthy? 

There is nothing as natural as the sun!

There is a pigment called melanin in the body that gives its color to the hair and the skin. Melanin pigment exposed to sunlight causes hair and skin change their colors sometimes. The sun, which is vital for humans, can cause harmful effects on people through its ultraviolet rays. At this point, melanin steps in and undertakes the task of protecting people against the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Tanning is actually caused by this. Affected by intense sunlight, more melanin pigment begins to be produced and tanning occurs in skin color. The hair follicle is a living part of the body, and chemical changes occur in the melanin pigment due to ultraviolet waves, and thus hair color changes or becomes blondish. Since too much exposure to these rays can cause chemical changes in the structure of the hair, it may also cause scalp diseases and hair loss. Therefore, using anti-hair loss care products such as Bioxsine, especially in the summer months, will prevent the hair from breaking and to be damaged.

Does the Sun Cause Hair Loss?

There are many reasons for hair loss, and the sun is one of them. Some changes occur in the hair structure due to the ultraviolet waves it scatters. Many scalp diseases may occur in the hair and scalp. Hormonal changes can cause hair loss just like in cases of hair loss before childbirth. During periods of such hormonal structural changes, if the right hair care is not applied on it, the hair loses its moisture and starts to dry out. Hair that starts to dry out becomes dull and may cause hair loss. Using anti-hair loss products such as Bioxsine is one of the life-saving choices in terms of the health of our hair during these periods.