Why Does My Scalp Itch

Why Does My Scalp Itch?


Itchy scalp is a condition that negatively affects our social life. It is a situation that directly affects the daily life of the person, since itching your body constantly isn’t a nice activity. It is also a psychologically challenging situation. Scalp itching can have many causes. Hygiene comes first among these causes. Itching may occur if you do not pay enough attention to the hygiene of your head area. Even if there is no problem with hygiene, itching may occur due to the shampoo or another hair care product you use. Seasonal changes are also a major factor in itching. Itching and dandruff may occur, especially in summer, as we sweat constantly due to hot weather and humidity. People with allergies may also experience itching. If you are allergic to any food, plant or anything, long-term itching problems may occur on your scalp. Itching may occur on the scalp due to too much washing of the hair, washing hair with excessively hot water, eczema, sunburn, hair dye, dandruff problem and lice. 

How to get rid of itchy scalp

In order to get rid of itching in the scalp, first of all, cause of itching must be identified. After that, it is necessary to eliminate the complaints that cause itching. You should stay away from shampoos that cause itching and excessive dandruff in the hair and you should choose the hair care products carefully by examining their content. When washing the hair, you should avoid using extremely hot water and make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly. Hair that is not rinsed well becomes vulnerable against dandruff and itching. In addition to all these, you can also try herbal solutions. Aloe vera is the most recommended plant for scalp itching. If the hair is itchy due to allergic reasons and no solution can be found, you should see a doctor. It is possible to prevent itching by applying natural products and masks to the hair before and after the shower. You can also try applying cures such as apple cider vinegar and mineral water.