Why Does Hair Turn White

Why Does Hair Turn White?


Although many people think that the reason of white hair is stress and old age, there are many more reasons for the whitening of the hair. So, what are the causes of white hair? Let's examine it together.

What are the causes of White Hair?

Aging: One of the changes experienced with aging is hair. As time passes, grays and whites are seen in the hair and beard. The reason for this is that the melanin production capacity of the pigment which is responsible for the color of the hair decreases over time. Decrease in melanin production capacity and the amount of melanin causes gray and white hair. 

Traumas: Sadness, depression or confusion experienced in the moments of traumas and sudden shock can cause gray and white hair. Although it is very common, even situations such as whitening of all hair in one night may occur. 

Genetic Factors: Genetic factors are also very important in white hair, as they play a major role in hair loss and hair structure. If a person’s parents already have whites in their hair, it can be said the he/she also tends to have whites in his/her hair, too.

Environmental Factors: Effects such as shampoos, conditioners or exposure to excess chemicals due to environmental reasons can cause white hair. Hair follicles can be affected quickly by environmental factors.

Hypothyroidism and Pituitary Gland Disorders: Thyroid glands are hormones that control heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. Under-functioning of the thyroid glands controlled by the pituitary glands can lead to conditions such as exhaustion, hair graying or hair loss. 

Werner Syndrome: Werner syndrome is one of the common causes of early whitening of the hair. People with Werner syndrome usually develop normally until they reach puberty. With puberty, problems such as hoarseness, thinning or hardening of the skin, white hair and abnormal hair loss occur. 

Does Plucking White Hair Make More Grow Back?

One of the common mistakes about white hair is that amount of white hair will increase when it is plucked. Breaking the hair strand from the root can cause considerable damage to the scalp. However, it is not true that this situation will turn other hair strands white. Because a plucked hair strand cannot affect other hair follicles.