What is Shampoo

What is Shampoo: How is it produced? What is its content and history?


What is Shampoo: How is it produced? What is its content and history?

Have you ever wondered about the history of the shampoos we use to clean our hair? We researched to satisfy your curiosity and learned in which civilization the first shampoo production in history originated.

In ancient Egypt, people who wash their hair with citric acid used this substance by mixing soap with it. Then, they created a mixture by adding potash and soda to boiling water. This substance produced in homes is known as the ancestor of shampoos used today.

Shampoos produced in houses in the Middle Ages were inspired by the word "champo" in Hindi after England took over the administration from India and discovered Indian culture. So this word, meaning massage, started to be used and everyone started to hide their own formula by making their own shampoo.

This substance that emerged in India in 1740s entered England as shampoo and became an industry with the production of the first true detergent shampoo in Germany in 1890. Shampoos for oily and dry hair began to be produced in the 1930s.  

Previously, powdered mixtures were mixed with water. Later, it started to be sold as liquid in glass bottles. Hair massage is still a preferred method in India, but hair care in general is applied in many different ways.

It is possible to protect hair health and prevent hair loss with hair care products that are produced according to characteristics and needs of hair.

Herbal Shampoos

Brands such as Bioxsine Shampoo, which were established 15 years ago as a Turkish brand, generally start to solve hair problems with herbal products produced by French and European herbalists and chemists.

Many products are produced on hair loss, which is the most known of hair problems. In researches, many products produced from herbal extracts are formulated and the tradition of herbal hair care is maintained. With the invention of hair transplantation, many hair health problems have been solved by providing strong and healthier hair.

French brands first entered the herbal shampoo market and it has grown rapidly until today. Hair care products for different needs started to be sold with many different features such as hair loss, hair thickening, color protection and dandruff prevention.

 What are the ingredients of a shampoo?

Shampoos consists of 80% water. Foaming agents to purify and clean the hair from dirt, vegetable and synthetic oils that provide shine to the hair, vitamins, minerals to protect and increase hair moisture, and perfumes to provide a pleasant smell are used. It is necessary to use preservatives to increase the shelf life of shampoos.

Although there are products made using herbal extracts, there are products that are completely made of synthetic raw materials. Choosing the right product depends on the customer.

How are shampoos produced in today’s world?

Shampoos are produced in modern factories now. Before products are put on the market, they pass through quality control tests. However, there may be differences among shampoos. While some companies make simple shampoos, brands such as Bioxsine creates formulas rich in herbal ingredients that have been tested for efficacy and reliability.