What is Keratin

What is Keratin?


Thanks to the researches about hair health, it is possible to see that the substance called keratin forms the basic structure of the hair. The simplest answer to the question "What is keratin" is that it is structural proteins found in areas such as hair, skin, nails, horns, hooves and wool. If we go into detail, keratin, which consists of a total of 18 amino acids, is divided into two forms as hard and soft keratin according to their structure. With the nomenclature system depending on their genes, human keratins are classified as epithelial keratin and hair keratin.

The term keratin, which women and men who are interested in hair care have come across with in recent years and which creates structure of hair, provides a better and right hair care for hair. As an important part of the hair structure, it also acts as a protective protein on the thin outer surface of the hair. The area called the cuticle contains beta-keratins that protect the hair fiber from physical and chemical damage. Hair strands gain durability as a result of micro fibrous structures formed by the combination of alpha keratins in the body of the hair fiber.

Hair keratin plays an important role in making the hair look strong, healthy and alive. As a result of the decrease in the amount of keratin in the hair due to chemical and physical factors, the protective layer in the hair begins to get affected more. That’s why, keeping the balance of keratin is critically important for hair health because taking keratin supplements against hair loss can keep the hair and hair cycle young and strong.

Bioxsine Keratin Complex Tablet provides the keratin support you need for hair, skin and nail health. In addition to the keratin content that supports the development of hair keratins and protects the outer structure of the hair, it also contributes to the protection of the skin, hair and nails with the zinc and biotin it contains.