What is Hair Serum and How to Use it

What is Hair Serum and How to Use it


Our hair is one of our most important accessories that complement our image and increase our self-confidence. We always want our hair to look healthy and alive. However, it is not possible to have this appearance without proper care.

There are many factors that tire and damage our hair. External factors such as frequent showers, styling with high temperatures, exposure to dust and dirt throughout the day weaken and damage the hair structure and may cause hair loss. Only shampoo may be insufficient to protect our hair from these negative effects. In addition to the use of shampoo, we can find solutions to these problems by using products that support hair care.

Hair serums, which is one of the the most popular and effective solutions, can help us protect our hair from external factors. Hair serums penetrate deeply into our hair and nourish it actively. It helps hair that has lost its shiny look and gives it a silky texture and smooth appearance.

Things You Should Pay Attention to While Using Hair Serums

For a good result, you should make sure that you choose the right serum for your hair type. If your hair dries out quickly after applying the serum, the product you use may not be suitable for you.

Thinking like "the more I use it, the more it works." can damage your hair. Use it up to 3 times a week. If you have to use it every day, be sure to apply it in appropriate amounts.

After showers, dry your hair with a towel and apply it to damp hair. Make sure it is not completely wet. Application to damp hair is the most recommended application method.

How to Apply Hair Serum

Forgetting to apply to the back areas of the hair is a common mistake. For this reason, firstly apply the hair serum to the back of your hair. It becomes easier to apply to the front afterwards. After applying the hair serum to all areas, you can comb to spread it to the whole hair.

Do not use the serum while your hair is dirty. If you do, you may experience dandruff problems and make you hair oily.

Pay attention to regular use to get effective and better results.