What is Black Garlic

What is Black Garlic? Where is Black Garlic Grown?


Black garlic is formed by keeping white garlic under heat treatments for 2 months. The cloves of white garlic begin to darken in the process under moisture and heat, which means the garlic produces more antioxidants. It is odorless and sweet compared to white garlic. In many countries, black garlic is preferred more because of its high antioxidant content compared to white garlic.

Black garlic shampoo is produced by processing the garlic that is grown on Kastamonu, Taşköprü in Turkey. Garlic is also grown in Asia, Europe, America, Japan and Australia and blackening process is also applied in these countries. Black garlic is considered the source of longevity in many countries.

Benefits of Black Garlic

The most known feature of black garlic is that it strengthens the immune system. White garlic contains antibiotics and antifungals within itself, while this effect is observed more in black garlic as a result of heat treatment. Black garlic’s cell regenerative properties are important for hair and skin health. It has a protective feature against infections caused by viruses and bacteria. It protects you against cardiovascular health problems.

Effects of Black Garlic Against Hair Loss

Black garlic is rich in vitamins and minerals compared to white garlic. Being rich in vitamins and minerals also positively affects hair health. People from all age groups experience certain amount of hair loss daily. This hair loss is important for the formation of new hair as long as it is not excessive, but black garlic and black garlic shampoos should be used in excessive hair loss and breakage.

Bioxsine Black Garlic Shampoo

Hair loss is a major problem in women, men, children and even babies. Even if this rate is higher in men, the reason for hair loss depends on genetic or hormonal conditions. Garlic Shampoos are one of the most effective options for repairing, preventing and strengthening hair and hair loss. Bioxsine Black Garlic Shampoo is rich in sulfur. Sulfur is a structural protein that hair needs the most. This protein strengthens and repairs the hair and allows the hair to gain volume. Bioxsine Black Garlic Shampoo provides the vitamins that the hair needs with B6, B1 and C Vitamins. Thanks to these vitamins, hair loss is reduced to almost no loss. You will notice that the hair loss decrease and, finally, disappear with regular use.