What are the Types of Hair Loss?

What are the Types of Hair Loss?


Our hair is one of the parts of our body that we pay attention to frequently and take care of for our appearance. We are constantly or periodically experiencing hair loss problems. There are many reasons for hair loss, which is a nightmare woman and man. By paying attention to these, you can reduce the problem a little bit. If you experience hair loss, you can try different solutions and solve the problem. But if you have long-term hair loss, it may be a sign of a health problem. In this case, we strongly recommend you to consult a doctor.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Every strand of hair has a lifespan. Hair strands live an average of 4-6 years, and then the rested hair begins to fall out from its roots. This type of hair loss is a very natural process. Losing 100-150 strands of hair per day is considered normal. However, if the the amount of lost hair is more than this number, there may be different reasons.

  • Genetic Factors
  • Skin Problems
  • Bad Eating Habits
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
  • Hormonal Effects
  • Some Internal Diseases and Drug Use
  • Birth and Chemotherapy Process
  • Cosmetic Factors
  • Depression

Some of the problems mentioned above are caused by external factors, and some are caused by health problems. We can deal with the problem by paying attention to these potential causes. This process, which originates from genetic structures and progresses in the form of transmission from each generation to the next generation, can unfortunately be seen as the past always following you. Hair loss is called a chronic condition in such cases. If you are aware of your genetic hair loss and want to strengthen your hair, you can try Bioxsine and see its positive results for genetic hair loss in long-term.