What Does Shampoo Do

What Does Shampoo Do? How Does Shampoo Clean Your Hair?


What does shampoo do? How does shampoo clean your hair?

The need for cleaning has been among the basic needs of people since ancient times. So, when people start to clean themselves with water, it was understood that this was not enough. Many different substances were used until the shampoos showed up.

Since people's hair became oily and matted in a short time, people started to use soap. As time went on, people discovered new things and started using shampoo in different forms.

The purpose of separating the shampoos used today as chemical and herbal, and completing the care by choosing them depending on hair problems, is to purify the hair from dirt and clean it. Shampoos with different ingredients are applied by massaging the scalp, and the hair is purified in this way.

How does shampoo clean your hair? 

Shampoos, when applied to the hair, foam with water and cleanse the hair. Just as the purifying shampoos preferred for hair with dandruff problem treat the scalp, the cleaning of the normally washed hair is achieved by cleaning the scalp.

Choosing chemical products causes damage to the scalp. This accelerates problems such as hair loss. When you choose Bioxsine shampoos and hair serums, the care of your scalp is provided with herbal ingredients.

After cleaning your hair, taking care of the ends or applying serum to your scalp helps to eliminate hair problems. All Bioxsine products are produced for the basic cleaning and care of hair.

How often should you wash your hair?

Although it is claimed from time to time that the hair should be cleaned without shampooing, this causes the hair roots to get oily, or stay dirty. For this reason, you should wash your hair 3-4 times a week with a shampoo. In this process, it will be sufficient to apply a single shampoo to the hair. You don't have to wait for it to get too dirty to wash your hair.

Bioxsine anti-hair loss shampoos, which you may prefer in hair care, provide daily care for your hair with their rich, natural, herbal and purifying ingredients.

These products which you can use safely does not harm your scalp. On the contrary, it helps balance your scalp. It is important to wash your hair every other day.

Choose shampoos that are best for your hair

You may be using only one shampoo as a family. However, the hair type of each family member is different. Using different shampoos for different hair types can cause serious hair problems. Bioxsine products offer solutions for different skin types with formulas specially developed for each member of your family.