What Does Keratin Do

What Does Keratin Do to Your Hair? What are the Benefits of Keratin?


Nowadays, one of the substances that are important for hair health is keratin. Especially women and men who struggle with hair loss and damaged hair problems need keratin. Well then, what does keratin do? What are the benefits of keratin??

Keratin is a high sulfur protein made up of amino acids, which are the main components of hair, hair, skin and nails. Hair fibers are long keratinized structures that consist of hard keratin and are divided into sections in itself. The outermost surface of hair protects the hair against external factors. The main body of the hair strand contains protein. These keratins, which hold the hair structure together and give strength and durability to the hair, consist of the proteins needed by the hair. Therefore, one of the biggest needs against hair loss is keratin.

Keratin has positive effects not only on hair but also on nail and skin health. Since it is not soluble in water, it can be hydrolyzed and used in shampoos and conditioners. Thus, you can get a stronger and more alive appearance by nourishing the hair structure. In addition, you can take it as a supplement. With regular use, you can easily see the benefits of keratin for your nails, skin, and especially hair. 

Bioxsine Keratin Complex Tablet is extremely beneficial for hair, skin and nail health with its formula containing amino acid complexes, zinc and biotin as well as radish, garlic and grape seed.