Types of Hair Loss

Types of Hair Loss – Male and Female Hair Loss Types


Our hair has an important role in our lives. We constantly apply hair care products to our hair to keep it alive, healthy and strong, and we endeavor to take a good care of it. However, sometimes our hair may fall out due to environmental factors, hormonal factors and our genetic factors. In general, it is difficult to find a solution for hair loss caused by genetic factors, but hair loss caused by environmental factors can be stopped easily with right care.

Hair Loss in Men

Male pattern hair loss is an inherited condition in which androgen hormones are at normal levels. Genetic transmission can be from the mother’s or father's side. The age of onset, rate, severity and type of hair loss cannot be determined beforehand. Hair loss increases with aging. The onset of hair loss in men is usually in adolescence and can continue until the age of 40-50. You may experience male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, if there are male relatives who are bald or are already experiencing hair loss.

The hair loss patterns introduced by Dr. Norwood in 1975 are still the most used and popular hair loss scheme today.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is a little different than men. First of all, women experience hair loss problem much less men. However, it is still more common than expected. Hair loss is seen in 25% of women aged 35-40 and in 50% above 40 years of age. 20% of women with hair loss have a positive family history. Hair loss in women occurs in the form of thinning hair. For this reason, it is difficult to notice hair loss because the front hairline is preserved. In genetic type hair loss, the woman may have inherited her genes from her father or mother. Among the causes of hair loss in women, androgenetic female pattern hair loss takes the first place.

If you are also experiencing hair loss problems, you should examine yourself and have your hair examined. First of all, you should go through a doctor's examination to find out if there is any vitamin-mineral deficiency or hormone disorder that may cause your hair to become lifeless. In addition, you should use the right shampoo and conditioner that can give your hair the health it deserves. Generally, garlic and black garlic shampoos are recommended for hair loss because garlic has so many benefits for hair.

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