The Biggest Enemy of Healthy Hair Stress

The Biggest Enemy of Healthy Hair: Stress


Stress affects hair health significantly as well as our daily life. Today, the number of people without stress is very low due to the urbanization. Many things can cause stress such as personal problems, family life, love life. This situation affects both our body health and our hair health. Our hair health may change due to our genetic code or our health issues, but in addition to these, when stress affects hair health, hair loss occurs and white hair strands begin to form. Since the stress also affects the pigments that give color to the hair follicles, white strands begin to grow from the new hair follicles. Hair loss increases during prolonged stress. Hair loss first begins to form baldness on the temples and top of the hair. If you experience a genetic predisposition, illness, medication use, nutritional disorder or any psychological disturbance while dealing with hair loss problem, stress will further affect these situations. If you do not want your hair to fall out even more, try to get psychological treatment. Stay away from stress and apply a mask on your hair and hair follicles with olive oil once a week. Olive oil will moisturize the hair follicles without drying them out. Avoid stylers that give heat to the hair. Stylers that give heat to the hair cause the hair to break off from the ends and cause the problem of hair loss.

Hair Care with Anti Stress Shampoo

Make sure that the shampoo you use every day is one that's right for your hair type. You can choose herbal shampoos that support hair growth and strengthen the hair.

Pay attention to your diet. If the body cannot take the necessary vitamins, it cannot support hair growth. Hair follicles become weak and begin to fall out. If you want to support your hair follicles with the nutrients you take, you can strengthen your hair follicles by consuming seafood such as salmon that contains Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Spinach is rich in iron and it is effective against hair loss with the vitamin C it contains, which helps iron absorption. Dairy products that are rich in zinc such as milk, cheese and yogurt support the production of keratin, which ensures healthy hair follicles. With keratin supplements, you can nourish your hair with extra keratin. Do not forget to stay away from stress while paying attention to your diet for the health of your hair.

Our hair has an important place in our lives. We always try to take care of our hair. Sometimes we blow-dry it, sometimes we try to make it curly; sometimes we get a haircut, sometimes we think longer is better. We sometimes say "I'm going to dye it black", but we suddenly decide to become blonde, and change the color. We apply all kinds of care; we try whatever we hear from other people. We apply hair care oils and keep them on our hair for hours. We spend most of our time dealing with our hair, and even appointments can be canceled if it’s not in a good shape that day. Sometimes hairdressers become our best friends and we can spend our whole day at the salon to make our hair more beautiful. What if we see that our hair is losing its health and falling out even though we are so interested in our hair?  We seem to hear people saying "I take care of my hair but I can't stop it from falling out." Our hair may fall out because of many reasons. We may experience hair loss due to seasonal changes, hormonal disorders, thyroid, pregnancy, and irregular diet. According to researches, some causes of hair loss are inherited genetic characteristics taken from parents. In addition to these, busy business life and the stress caused by private life also affect hair loss. Stress-related hair loss can also cause alopecia areata. Alopecia areata, which occurs due to psychological factors, can even affect social life.

We lose approximately 50-100 hair strands every day. Amount of lost hair can double in seasonal changes. If your hair loss is excessive, you should definitely see a doctor.