Sensitive Scalp Symptoms

Sensitive and Dry Scalp, Sensitive Scalp Symptoms


Sensitive and Dry Scalp

Problems such as dryness, itching, exfoliation and infection can be seen in people with sensitive scalp. There may be many factors that cause the scalp to be sensitive. Some small but important changes in daily hair care can create very beneficial results for people with sensitive scalp.

Sensitive Scalp Symptoms

Itching in the scalp, tension and pain in the hair follicles are symptoms of sensitive scalp.

Like the skin on our face and body, our scalp may also become sensitive, and this situation stands out with itching. In addition to itching, sensitive scalp symptoms in the form of a feeling of dryness in the scalp and pain or ache when contacted with the scalp may appear.

Sensitive Scalp Treatment

Sensitive scalp is a condition that has no treatment but should be kept under control. The things you can do to keep sensitive scalp under control are:

  • Regular and healthy diet
  • Staying away from stress
  • Massaging the scalp
  • Not tying the hair tightly
  • Protecting the scalp from the sun