Physical Effects Causing Hair Loss

Physical Effects Causing Hair Loss


Hair loss is one of the problems that a large part of the society faces and can be treated. Hair loss not only disturbs men and women psychologically, but it can also cause physical distress and stress. There are different reasons for hair loss. Although hair loss is sometimes caused by diseases, there are some physical factors that affect hair health. Using hot water while washing the hair, washing it too much, shampoo type, heat treatments, dyeing too often and combing the hair too hard are the most common reasons that damage your hair. Reasons such as the lack of air in the roots of the hair due to oiliness, dandruff, lack of minerals and vitamins in the body are other reasons that increase hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss: Neglected and Damaged Hair

Not taking care of the hair and the excessive dandruff increase hair loss. The quality of hair products such as shampoos, sprays, serums and care oils and regular care with these products significantly reduce hair loss. Bioxsine can help you to solve your hair loss problem. When the hair is taken care of with Bioxsine shampoos and serums, the strength of the hair strands increases visibly day by day.

Choosing Wrong Shampoos and Their Effects on Hair

All products containing large amounts of chemicals are known to be harmful to the body as well as the hair. Choosing the right shampoo and hair care products, which are products that directly affect the scalp, is also very important in the treatment of hair loss. Preferring products that are more herbal and good for the scalp health rather than products with chemical content, and hair care with these products will be effective in eliminating the problem of hair loss. Bioxsine shampoo contains patented herbal Biocomplex B11 specifically formulated against hair loss. Bioxsine has products for oily and dry hair types.