Keratin for Hair Loss


Hair loss is a health problem that everyone can experience, depending on factors such as genetics, environmental factors, nutrition, improper hair care. Since people sometimes do not prefer right hair care products for their hair type, they cannot properly take care of their hair. For this reason, the hair weakens and as a result, hair loss occurs. Hair loss is not a health problem that cannot be prevented. Hair can be strengthened and made healthier through nutrition from the inside and care from the outside, and as a result, hair loss can be completely stopped or minimized.

There are environmental factors that should be considered for the problem of hair loss. When the hair is already weak, it is difficult to cope with environmental factors and as a result, it weakens and falls out. So, protecting the hair against sunlight and cleaning the hair well after spending a lot of time outside will ensure that you protect your hair against environmental factors. In addition to all these, we can say that the most important source for hair is keratin. Keratin is a protein that has a great importance in the formation and development of hair. Keratin needs can be met with additional supplements or through nutrition. Taking a keratin supplement can help your hair become stronger and look healthier. Keratin support can be taken from shampoos containing keratin or through keratin tablets. Keratin support has become possible through shampoos containing hydrolyzed keratin.

With Bioxsine Keratin Complex Tablet, you can get the keratin support your hair needs for the problem of hair loss and make your hair stronger and healthier.