Keratin for Hair Loss

Keratin for Hair Loss


Each strand of hair is covered by a keratin molecule. As a result of chemical processes and various reasons, the keratin in the hair takes damage. That’s why, keratin has a great place in hair care. Hair with high amount of keratin is strong and probability of hair loss is very low due to keratin deficiency if the keratin is high. Keratin is also an important content in anti-hair loss products. With the help of the products that contain keratin, your hair can regain the keratin it needs.

Benefits of Keratin

Keratin, the building block of hair, weakens over time due to many reasons. It is possible to regain the keratin to the hair with many methods. With the most useful method, keratin food supplement, you can see the results quickly. In addition, as a keratin supplement, keratin tablet is the most preferred one. It has been proven in clinical studies that keratin supplements against intense hair loss give effective results.

Just like in other personal care products, Bioxsine is one of the brands that you can trust when it comes to hair loss and keratin supplements. You can have thick, strong and healthy hair by choosing keratin treatments against hair loss!