How to Prevent Static Hair

How to Prevent Static Hair


The main reason for the hair static is the formation of a static electricity in the hair strand for various reasons. So, how does static occur in the hair? What can you do to prevent static hair? 

What Causes Static in Hair

  • Fine hair structure.
  • Lack of hair moisture.
  • Exposure to extremely hot or extremely cold weather.
  • Washing the hair too often.
  • Combing the hair frequently with stiff brushes.
  • Disrupting the nature of hair with chemicals.
  • Not washing the hair for a long time.
  • Exposing the hair to too much heat.

How to Prevent Static Hair

  • You can use wide and wooden combs instead of plastic or metal combs:

Since metal or plastic combs cause the static hair strands even more, wooden combs that do not electrify the hair can be used instead.

  • Warm water can be preferred instead of hot water to prevent hair from losing moisture:

Cold or hot water can cause hair to become static as it disrupts the moisture balance of the hair. For this reason, washing the hair with warm water keeps the moisture balance of the hair and prevents static.

  • After washing the hair, the wetness of the hair can be removed with a dry napkin instead of a hair towel:

Drying the hair hard with synthetic towels after washing gives the hair a static look. For this reason, using a dry napkin instead of a towel both keeps the hair wet and does not damage the hair.

  • You can wash your hair every other day instead of every day:

Washing the hair every day dries the hair out as it destroys the natural oils in the hair. This situation can lead to static hair. For this reason, the hair should be washed every other day.

  • You should apply mask to the hair once a week:

A moisturizing mask can be applied to the hair once a week to make the hair more moist.

  • Products that apply heat to the hair such as straighteners and blow dryers can be used at a minimum level:

Hair strands become thinner and fall out when exposed to excessive heat. Since thin hair looks dull even more, you should avoid excessive heat.

  • Keratin treatment can be applied when there is extra static:

Keratin treatment is a treatment that repairs thin and damaged hair. It may be a great solution to get rid of static hair in the long term.

  • You can use sulfate-free shampoos:

Shampoo selection is the most important factor for static hair. Using shampoos that are specifically produced to reduce static in the hair may be the right choice for you.