How to Make Hair Roots Stronger


Who wouldn't want their hair to look shiny and strong all the time? Although this is a bit difficult to accomplish, it is not impossible. With regular hair care, there is no such word as impossible. Having thick hair has great importance, especially for women with sparse hair since it looks aesthetically beautiful. Hair can be damaged due to many reasons such as unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol and hormonal factors. As a result of these, people may experience hair loss. Many people who suffer from hair loss ask themselves how to make their hair roots stronger. There are a lot of natural solutions and hair care products that can answer their questions. To solve this problem, these simple basic rules should not be forgotten:

  • Hair should be kept away from heat.
  • Hair masks that are suitable for the hair type should be used.
  • Stimulating substances for hair follicles should be used.
  • During the shower, apply the shampoo to the hair by massaging it so that the blood flow should be accelerated.
  • The use of substances that can damage the hair strands and scalp should be avoided.
  • Shampoos that will strengthen the hair and nourish the hair follicles such as Bioxcin should be used.

What Causes Hair Follicles to Weaken?

There are many reasons for the weakening of hair follicles such as unhealthy diet, bad habits and hormonal conditions. Intensive heat treatments and the use of chemicals are the main reasons for this. If we do not give the hair follicles the vitamins they need and if we do not nourish them regularly, they cannot gain strength and can be damaged, which means that this situation may result in hair loss. If we are thinking of taking vitamins through diet, we can help hair follicles strengthen by eating foods such as meat and dairy products since they contain a lot of protein. Hair follicles begin to weaken when they are not nourished enough, so proper and regular nutrition is also very important for our hair. In short, we can say that another answer to the question of how to strengthen weak hair follicles is regular diet.