Hair Loss Periods in Women

Hair Loss Periods in Women


Causes of hair loss may vary in men and women for different reasons. Especially during some periods of women, hair loss problem is experienced frequently. We see that hair loss occurs due to some hormonal changes during birth and pregnancy. In such periods, women can reduce hair loss by paying extra attention to their hair and the hair care products that they use.

Genetic predispositions are also included among the causes of hair loss. People with systemic diseases may experience hair loss due to the drugs they take. Hair loss may occur due to vitamin deficiency or eating habits. Apart from all these, the physical factors that the hair is exposed to also may cause hair loss. For this reason, if women experience hair loss, they should pay attention to their health status and the physical factors their hair is exposed to.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women?

Periodic hair loss can be prevented in woman if precautions are taken against hair loss. Especially, it is more possible to take precautions against hair loss due to seasonal factors, which are among the causes of hair loss.

In order to prevent hair loss in women, right hair care products should be selected depending on the hair type. It is possible for women who are looking for the right hair product to prevent hair loss and reduce hair loss by using Bioxsine products. Bioxsine products nourish and strengthen your hair with their herbal extracts. In this way, the hair becomes stronger and healthier, and hair loss is reduced.