Hair Care for Damaged Hair Black Garlic Shampoo

Hair Care for Damaged Hair: Black Garlic Shampoo


Hair plays a key role when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. Every person wants their hair to look shiny, full and beautiful. For this, there are certain hair care and hair styles that we all follow. However, sometimes even the things we do to make our hair look more beautiful can damage our hair. For example, hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers can damage our hair and cause it to lose its alive look. In addition, the negativities we experience during the day, environmental factors and genetic problems can also damage our hair. In such cases, we have to apply more careful and controlled treatments to bring our damaged hair back.

Black garlic shampoo which has gained a great popularity has become the best friend of our damaged hair. Garlic contains all important ingredients such as A, B, C Vitamins and special oils that are very beneficial for hair. Famous for its antibiotic and penicillin effect, garlic is a great hair care product for our hair.

Bioxcin has found a great solution for damaged hair with its shampoos using black garlic extract. By adding the black garlic obtained from the fermented form of garlic to their shampoos, they have produced a wonderful hair care shampoo that can be used by anyone who has problems with hair loss and hair breakage.

Garlic, which is a plant that has a very bad reputation due to its odor, loses its bad odor when added to shampoos. So, black garlic shampoos do not smell bad in any way and clean your hair perfectly. In addition, garlic is also very important for dandruff as it directly affects the scalp. People with dandruff problems can solve this problem with black garlic shampoo if they gently massage their scalp.

Black Garlic Shampoos are beneficial for your hair and more effective than other shampoos. Some of these effects are:

  • It significantly reduces hair loss caused by vitamin deficiency.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant and antibiotic properties, it reduces the bacteria in the hair.
  • It makes the hair shinier, fuller and thicker.
  • It repairs the weak hair that gets broken easily and makes them stronger and resistant to breakage.
  • It purifies the hair from dead skin and allows the scalp to breathe.
  • It helps the scalp get healthier and solves the dandruff problem.
  • It helps the hair to grow in a healthy way by nourishing the hair.
  • It repairs damaged hair that is exposed to the heat of hair styling products and dye.