Hair Care Tips for Summer

Hair Care Tips for Summer


The summer months, which many people are impatiently waiting for, are not a very happy period for our hair. Everyone deserves a holiday after an intense study and school period, but the sea, sand and sun does not give our hair as much happiness as it gives us. Especially when we come out of a salty sea and let our hair dry under the sun, we notice how stiff and dry our hair turns into. After we return home, we rush to wash it directly. Of course, hair care in the summer is a challenge for all of us. The first hair care we focus on after a long vacation period is to take our dry hair to the hairdresser and get a haircut. Actually, this is not necessary. Here are some tips on hair care in the summer.

Why doesn’t our hair love summer months?

In fact, hair loves moisture in terms of nutrition, but excessive moisture coming to our hair in summer causes frizziness in our hair, while excessive UV rays from the sun also cause hair to dry. Hair that is in such a dilemma naturally loses its alive and shiny look. And when the holiday season comes into play, our hair, which is affected negatively by sea salt, starts to dry directly. While hair care in the summer is already a difficult situation, we are all look for relaxation during our holiday periods and we do not pay enough attention to our hair care. As a result, dry hair and hair loss start to show up at the end of the summer. For this reason, as an expert in hair care field, we wanted to inform you about hair care in summer months. 

Proper Hair Care for Summer

The sun's drying and corrosive rays leave an impact on our hair as well as on our skin, especially when confronted with salt water. Our hair starts to look damaged and becomes a big issue at the end of the summer. This hair loss problem is actually an emergency call from your hair.  However, a few small precautions can save you from all these problems.

- It is not recommended to change shampoo frequently, but did you know that Bioxcin produces a special hair loss shampoo for dry hair? You may consider using this product, especially in summer, to prevent dryness and hair loss in summer months.

- You should protect the hair from UV rays from the sun as much as possible by wrapping it with accessories such as bandanas.

- We use a lot of hair care products for dry hair, especially in the summer months. However, the main reason for hair dryness in summer is lack of moisture, so be careful to use water-based products as much as possible in your hair care.