Hair Care Tips for Men How to Take Care of Your Hair

Hair Care Tips for Men: How to Take Care of Your Hair


Hair Care for Men

Although hair care in men in the past could not go beyond jelly, it has become a routine today. Let's find answers to questions such as how to take care of hair for men and how to make hair healthier.

Hair Care Routine for Men

The first step in hair care for men is to get a haircut regularly. Getting a haircut regularly, whether the length of the hair is long or short, gives a warm look to the hair. Apart from getting a haircut and combing the hair regularly, the products that you should use or apply to your hair vary depending on your hair type.

1. Fine Hair Type

In order for fine hair to look healthy, it must be saturated with moisture so that it can gain volume. Since this type of hair cannot give the voluminous image that is imagined when it is too long, men with fine hair should not grow their hair too much. At the same time, using hot water while washing the hair will dry their hair, so the desired vivid and bright appearance will not be possible. Using warm water as much as possible and rinsing with colder water at the end of the wash will make the hair moister. When using hair care products, shampoos that do not weigh the hair down should be used and when the hair feels extra dry, hair conditioner should be applied to the ends. Especially in the case of thin and curly hair, no-rinse mousses may be preferred instead of conditioners to shape.

2. Oily Hair Type

The best method for oily hair is to use products that will balance the amount of oil at the bottom of the hair. In oily hair, getting used to washing the hair too much increases the oil ratio in the hair and forces the person to wash the hair again. For this reason, people with oily hair type should wash their hair at least every other day.

3. Dry Hair Type

Men with dry hair should moisturize their hair. Especially making masks that give moisture, outside of their daily routine, will help them get a more vivid appearance by removing the dryness in the hair.

Apart from the hair types above, there are two common problems in men. The first is dandruff in the hair, and the second is hair loss. Using products that are specifically produced against dandruff and hair loss problems will give positive results. However, since these problems can be caused by several different reasons such as diet, genetics, seasonal changes or hormonal changes, we recommend you to see a doctor if you think that the problem is serious.