Hair Care Tips for Lifeless and Straight Hair

Hair Care Tips for Lifeless and Straight Hair


If you are a person with fine and straight hair, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to take care of your hair. As we all know, fine hair, when the right hair care is not done properly, generally falls into the category of lifeless hair. Lifeless hair that always looks dull will have the volume we see and want in commercials every day, if the right hair care is applied.

Let’s Increase the Volume!

Straight hair is known as hair type that is difficult to shape due to its structure. This type of hair tires us especially when we want to go out since it is lack of volume and difficult to shape. However, you can get rid of this problem by following the tips below.

- We Challenge Gravity!

Drying our hair from below after getting out of the shower causes the hair look dull and lack of volume. Instead, if we try to throw our hair forward after a shower and dry it in reverse, which means that if you give the air to the roots rather than the ends, the lifted hair follicles will help you increase the hair volume.

- Break Your Habits

Try to change the model of your hair. Hair that gets used to leaning to the same direction begins to fade as a result of the comfort of this habit. If possible, separate them each week in different directions and keep the hair up by trying new things.

- Everything Hast Its Own Turn

Are you one of those who shampoo the hair first and then apply the conditioner? That's exactly where we make the wrong thing. First, we need to separate the messy hair with the conditioner, then shampoo it and remove the conditioner from the hair. After the conditioner, first massage the hair roots without rubbing it, foam the hair, and clean the ends so that the hair won’t get its messy form again.

- It’s Time for a Haircut!

Straight hair generally loses its volume as it grows. So, short or layered haircuts can give the dull hair the volume and easy styling feature it needs.

- Choosing the Right Hair Care

Make sure to use hair care products from brands that are expert in hair care field such as Bioxcin. The feature of having different characters is not only peculiar to humans. Each hair has its own character and there are different hair care products for each hair type and character.