Garlic Shampoo Doping for Hair Loss

Garlic Shampoo Doping for Hair Loss


Hair loss is a problem that can be seen in both men and women. Hair loss problem, which is generally seen in men, is seen at a high rate in women, too. Losing an average of 50 to 100 strands is observed in every person per day. Contrary to popular belief, this hair loss is a healthy condition. Lost hair allows new hair to form and grow in hair follicles, but when the hair loss is more than 50-100 strands, the hair loss is unhealthy and needs to be controlled.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by more than one reason. The main known reasons are:

  • Hair loss as a side effect of drugs used as a result of some diseases
  • Fungi in the scalp and diseases that may occur in the hair
  • Air pollution
  • Eating disorders
  • Conditions such as non-working thyroid glands cause hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is less common in women than in men.

Since the hormonal balance of the body changes during pregnancy and menopause, the rate of hair loss is higher than normal. If the hair loss as a result of hormonal changes is not intervened, the hair loss can continue even when the hormone balance is achieved in the body. It is a recommended method to use garlic shampoo in order to prevent hair loss. 

Hair Loss in Men

There are 3 main reasons for hair loss in men. These are:

  • Increase of DHT hormone
  • Anemia
  • and iron deficiency.

DHT is known as a hormone that increases in the male body during puberty. When DHT increases in the body, it turns into a microbe that damages the hair follicles. If you do not want the hair loss problem to turn into baldness, you should intervene early. Taking the necessary vitamins under the doctor's control and massaging the hair follicles with garlic shampoo is an effective option to eliminate the possible baldness problem in the future. 

Bioxsine Black Garlic Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss

Bioxsine Black Garlic Shampoo, which nourishes hair from root to tip, provides the vitamins and minerals the hair needs. In regular use, it strengthens the hair follicles, thickens the hair strands, shows a strong effect that eliminates the problem of healthy growth and hair loss.