Everything You Need to Know about Hair Transplantation

Everything You Need to Know about Hair Transplantation


Hair loss is a very common hair problem in women and especially in men. When our hair begins to fall out, various self-confidence problems follow since it is a great complementary part of our image. There are a lot of solutions for this problem. However, if we have a problem of hair loss that we cannot deal with, the solution is obvious; hair transplantation. With the development of the technology, hair transplantation has become a preferred method. This process, which is usually completed in a single session, may require a second session in cases where the hair is very sparse. FUE and FUT hair transplant methods are known as the most commonly used hair transplant methods and offer permanent solutions to situations such as hair loss.

About Hair Transplantation

We have stated that two hair transplant methods, FUE and FUT hair transplantation, are popular. So, what are these two methods and what are their differences?

The FUT hair transplant technique was first started to be applied in 1990. Hair follicles, which are extracted from the hairy area in the form of a strip, are transplanted towards the hairless area. However, this painful hair transplant method has recently ceased to be a highly preferred method, and the demand for FUT hair transplantation has dropped after FUE hair transplantation is out.

FUE hair transplantation is produced with the latest technology and it is the most preferred method of hair transplantation in this area. After many hair follicles are taken from the hairy area, these roots are applied to the hairless area one by one and you can get rid of this problem in 1 session thanks to this method, which is less painful than FUT hair transplantation.

Things You Should Pay Attention to After Hair Transplantation

3 days after the hair transplantation is very important and it is necessary not to take a shower within these 3 days. You should not skip dressing within these three days. The 15-day period afterwards is also important. Since there will be crusts on your scalp due to hair transplantation, you should wash this area, which you need to approach gently, with the hair care product suggested by your doctor. By applying massage movements recommended by your doctor to your scalp, crusting on the hair can be reduced. It is not recommended to swim in the pool or sea during this 15-day period. Hair transplantation starts to show its effects as of the 30th day and you will see that your new hair grows gradually in the hairless area. Using Bioxcin after hair transplantation provides healthier hair growth. That’s why, you can consider this kind of products as hair care products that you can use after hair transplantation.

Who Can Get Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation can be applied to people who have hair loss problems or who have sparse hair and are over 20 years old. It is also important that the person who is thinking of hair transplantation is not bald or old; because hair transplantation is carried out by transferring natural hair to other hair follicles and hair transfer cannot be done if there is no hair. Hair transplantation is not recommended if the person is too old or too young. However, if you think that you are too young or too old for hair transplantation, you can try to avoid this problem by using products such as shampoo and serum for hair loss problem. Thanks to the liposome technology used in the production of shampoos by brands that are expert in hair loss, such as Bioxcin, your hair loss problem can be solved, while the growth of new hair is also triggered instead of the lost hair. It should always be your first choice to get the hair loss problem under control as early as possible instead of having a hair transplant.