Effects of Medicines on Hair Loss

Effects of Medicines on Hair Loss


Some drugs, which are beneficial for people in the treatment of most diseases in daily life, unfortunately also may cause some side effects. Based on this, some types of drugs can affect the hair follicle, kill the root and cause hair loss. For example, chemotherapy treatment and some drugs used in the treatment are one of the most common examples of this. This does not mean that every drug will completely cause your hair to fall out, but it depends on the drug. While some drugs cause hair loss less, some affect the hair too much, causing the hair to fall out a lot. In addition, drugs containing sex hormones, cholesterol drugs, epilepsy drugs, some acne and cancer drugs can also cause hair loss.

Do Drugs Increase Hair Loss?

Although hair loss caused by the use of drugs cannot be prevented, it is sometimes possible to reduce this hair loss or to restore the hair loss caused by the drug. Most of the products in the market that are effective in hair growth contain excessive chemicals. These chemical-containing products are not only harmful to the scalp, but also harmful to your general health. For this reason, it will be beneficial for people who use drugs to prefer more herbal shampoos and products. Bioxsine hair care products are often preferred by people with any disease and excessive hair loss in order to prevent and minimize hair loss, as they contain natural ingredients.

What Are the Others Factors That Cause Hair Loss?

Excessive hair loss is seen in people who take drugs regularly. In addition to drugs, there are many factors that affect hair loss. Stress, genetics, ringworm and dandruff are some of the factors that cause hair loss. Many people are faced with the problem of dandruff. Solving this problem and having a dandruff-free scalp is only possible with a good shampoo. With Bioxsine Shampoo, which has proven itself with its anti-dandruff shampoos, it is quite simple to get rid of dandruff and have beautiful hair that grows strong. With Bioxsine shampoo, you can find the best shampoo for your hair type and get your healthy-looking, strong hair back.