Does Hair Fall Out After Hair Transplant

Does Hair Fall Out After Hair Transplant?


Many people, especially men, who cannot deal with the problem of hair loss, which can be the nightmare of every person, find the solution with hair transplantation. However, a common question may arise in the mind of every person who has got a hair transplant or who is thinking about it. Does planted hair fall out again? According to the statements made by the hair transplant centers, it is stated that the hair follicles collected from bald areas are not linked to the DTH sensitive receptors that cause hair loss, and therefore, there will be no problems such as hair loss unless there is any environmental factor. We see that the nape area always has a permanent effect on the problem of hair loss in men. Because of these permanent effects, the nape is used as a donor area and naturally, since the genetics of the hair in the transplanted area belong to the nape roots, they preserve these characteristics in the area where the transplantation is made. However, in some exceptional cases which hair loss occurs in nape area, we may experience problems such as hair loss with the planted hair. This situation does not result in baldness and it shows itself as people age.

Hair Loss After Transplantation

In the hair loss model that we call male pattern baldness, the hair in the temple and nape area retains their strength even in the case of genetic hair loss, unless there is another unknown problem. During the transplantation process, stem cells are taken from the hair that are resistant to this loss and transplanted to the bald area. Therefore, there will be no loss of newly transplanted hair. Some hair loss may occur after the transplantation process and it may frighten many patients, but this is a normal situation. This process is a normal part of the hair transplant process. After the surgical intervention on the scalp, there will be a short adaptation process. Throughout the process, the scalp gets rid of the old hair, making room for new and healthy hair. Hair transplantation centers are used to see patients who come in panic due to this hair loss that can occur between 1 and 5 weeks after hair transplantation. Even if it is not possible to lose the transplanted hair, you should always pay attention to proper hair care. You should use hair care products and more sensitive shampoos recommended by the doctor in order to prevent the loss of old hair and to make new hair grow healthier.

Right Hair Care After Hair Transplantation

There are some rules that you should pay attention to in order to have the hair in your dreams. The first rule after hair transplantation is the diet. The second one is hair care. While focusing on following the instructions given by your doctor after hair transplantation, you should also pay attention to nutrients you take. Healthy nourishment of the follicles of the transplanted hair will help the new hair to grow healthier and stronger. At the same time, since the speed of cell renewal will increase, it will play an important role in shortening the recovery time after the operation.  In addition to these, it is necessary to prefer shampoo and hair care products such as Bioxcin that have sensitive and carefully selected ingredients. Bioxcin, with its beneficial and natural content for hair health, provides the care the hair needs. It is possible for the new hair to be stronger if the hair is properly taken care of with right products and a healthy diet.  

5 Things You Should Pay Attention to After Hair Transplantation

  • Be careful while choosing the right doctor and hair transplantation center.
  • The type of hair loss should be identified correctly.
  • Since the loss of existing hair may continue, you should use hair care products and shampoos recommended by your doctor.
  • After the transplantation process, you should follow the rules specified by your doctor and pay attention to your diet.
  • Before transplantation, it should be made sure that the hair has finished the shedding process.