Does Getting a Haircut Prevent Hair Loss

Does Getting a Haircut Prevent Hair Loss?


While hair provides an aesthetic appearance for the human body, it may cause some problems if it is not taken care of regularly. Healthy hair that which is nourished and taken care of grows a certain amount every day. At this stage, those who want to grow hair faster and healthier can get haircut.

People wonder whether a haircut is good for preventing hair loss. Genetics, environmental factors and seasonal changes can cause hair loss. In addition, if you expose your hair to heat a lot and do not take care of it regularly, you may speed up the hair loss process. Unfortunately, haircut is not a precaution for hair that falls out due to dryness and damage. It can only be seen as a process to improve hair health and quality.

Is Haircut Effective Against Hair Loss­?

Misinformation about this issue may confuse people, but getting a haircut does not solve the problem of hair loss. None of the factors that cause hair loss are related to cutting the hair. Although it does not prevent hair loss, letting hair follicles breathe and removing split ends can cause the hair to have a healthier structure. Haircut is an effective method for healthy growing hair. Cutting the hair can only be beneficial in improving the quality of the hair.

Nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles will give more effective results against hair loss problem. Taking food supplements to meet the keratin, biotin and zinc needs of the hair is one of these methods. Using shampoos and serums against hair loss also protects and strengthens the hair.

Bioxsine has a wide range of anti-hair loss products that you can choose according to your hair type and the degree of hair loss. Not all hair loss is the same and the needs of each hair differ. The intense herbal extract in Bioxsine anti-hair loss products nourishes the hair and provides a stronger and healthier scalp. Thus, with the regular use, you can strengthen your hair follicles and can get rid of hair loss problem.