Do Hair Styling Gels Cause Hair Loss

Do Hair Styling Gels Cause Hair Loss?


Do the hair gels we use to style our hair cause undesirable effects? Hair gels are formulas that are applied directly with a brush to the hair and used for styling. When the solvent of the gel flies away, a polymeric layer remains on the hair strands, which gives the hair a certain hardness. This layer can only be removed when we wash our hair with hot water and shampoo. By applying too much gel or applying it to the scalp instead of the hair strands, this polymeric layer can cover the scalp and dry there. This shows itself in the form of dandruff-like white particles on the scalp. In addition to these, reactions in the form of redness and itching can be seen on the scalp due to jelly. Hypersensitivity reactions can threaten the health of the hair in more advanced stages and lead to partial hair loss. In order to avoid these problems, you may use hair gels in small amounts without touching the scalp as much as possible. Also, fragrance-free jelly formulas show less reaction.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a complex problem. This problem shows itself depending on age, gender, diseases, diet and genetics. It can can be divided into two as sudden or time-dependent loss. If there is sensitivity in men from the age of 25, male pattern hair loss (Androgenetic alopecia) due to 5 alpha reductases is seen. This is a chronic hair loss and will continue gradually for years. An example of sudden hair loss is postpartum hair loss (Telogen efflivium), which is observed in some women. This loss can be fixed by itself, by providing hormonal balance. Apart from this, sudden hair loss can be observed within the scope of autoimmune diseases. For this reason, it is necessary to see a doctor to understand the type of hair loss.