Causes of Seasonal Hair Loss

Causes of Seasonal Hair Loss


Hair loss is one of the situations that many people constantly complain about and it sometimes occurs temporarily and sometimes permanently.  Negative situations in daily life and living in a fast-paced way during the day may cause stress. Although one of the most important causes of hair loss is known as stress, hair loss can also be encountered during seasonal changes. It is possible to prevent seasonal hair loss and support hair growth. It is a well-known fact that the hair that is exposed to the sun in summer months is nourished and starts to grow healthy. With cold weather and the insufficient amount of sun rays, the hair that does not see much sun starts to fall out. This is due to seasonal changes.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Seasonal Hair Loss?

One of the most basic methods to prevent this situation is to get the vitamins that the body needs from vegetables and fruits as well as the sun. At the same time, to reduce hair loss, products with chemical content should be avoided and more herbal products should be used. Products that contain chemical ingredients cause a lot of hair loss in men and women as they increase the hair loss that occurs in seasonal transitions. Bioxsine shampoos and other hair care products, with their herbal ingredients, are very effective in reducing seasonal hair loss and keeping hair alive and well. In most of the people who use Bioxsine hair care products, hair loss is reduced day by day.

Does Seasonal Hair Loss Cause Baldness?

Baldness is not a situation that occurs suddenly, and it is very important to know the factors that cause baldness. When hair loss continues for long periods, it would be more reasonable to see a doctor and use medication under the control of the doctor. Undoubtedly, everyone wants their hair to be shiny, lively and strong. When there is no disease causing hair loss, it may be necessary to change the shampoos you use and use professional hair care products instead. Bioxsine, which gives the hair volume it needs, is the number one choice of many people who love their hair and want it to grow healthy. The power of Bioxsine also shows itself in terms of hair loss during seasonal transitions.