Benefits of Vitamin B for Hair


Just like our skin and body, our hair needs a variety of minerals and vitamins to stay and grow healthy. Hair needs vitamins as well as care types such as oil care and cream care. Vitamin B is a vitamin against hair loss and plays an important role in the healthy growth of hair. Vitamin B deficiency can be considered as the cause of factors such as hair weakening, breakage and loss of shine. While you can get B vitamins from foods such as liver, chicken, tuna and red meat, it is okay to use B vitamins in tablet/capsule form.  

Vitamin B for Hair Loss Problem

Vitamin B plays a very important role for hair loss, hair strengthening and hair health. Vitamin B has a very important role in cell metabolism and cell renewal. Vitamin B, which helps the strengthening of hair follicles, the regeneration of hair cells and the development of new hair strands, can be a serious solution for those who tend to lose their hair easily.

If you cannot get B vitamins through foods, you can take B vitamin supplements sold in pharmacies. You can mix B vitamins’ capsules that you can buy from pharmacies directly with hair care oils, and apply them to your scalp and strands. In addition, you can mix natural oils such as sweet almond oil and coconut oil with B vitamin capsules while taking care of your hair. If these treatments are done regularly, it will be possible to have healthy and well-groomed hair.

Vitamin B, which is very effective for people who suffer from hair loss, those with weak and unhealthy hair, strengthens both your scalp and hair follicles thanks to its cell renewal feature, and supports the strengthening of existing hair follicles. Of course, you need to take care of your hair as well as taking vitamins carefully, and lastly, you should avoid treatments that cause hair to get weaker and make your hair fall out.