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24 Eylül

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Stress not only harms people psychologically in many aspects in daily life, but also weakens people physically. Hair loss is one of the most obvious examples of this. Hair loss is generally attributed to genetic factors.

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15 Eylül

Physical Effects Causing Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the problems that a large part of the society faces and can be treated. Hair loss not only disturbs men and women psychologically, but it can also cause physical distress and stress. There are different reasons for hair loss.

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11 Eylül

Causes of Seasonal Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the situations that many people constantly complain about and it sometimes occurs temporarily and sometimes permanently. Negative situations in daily life and living in a fast-paced way during the day may cause stress.

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5 Eylül

Effects of Medicines on Hair Loss

Some drugs, which are beneficial for people in the treatment of most diseases in daily life, unfortunately also may cause some side effects. Based on this, some types of drugs can affect the hair follicle, kill the root and cause hair loss.

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21 Ağustos

Does a Vegetarian Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Vegetarianism is a name used when people do not eat certain food in their diet. According to the diet of vegetarians, foods such as meat, chicken and fish are not consumed. Among the causes of hair loss, it causes curiosity whether vegetarians will lose their hair due to their diet.

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