Melanin Tests

The pigment melanin is responsible for colouring human skin and hair. Increased amounts of melanin are produced when exposed to sunlight and it protects the skin against UV rays. In brown and black hair eumelanin is dominant, while in light blond, blond and red hair the second type of melanin, pheomelanin, occurs more frequently as a red pigment. In dermatological research, eumelanin receives special focus because red-haired people suffer more frequently from sun-induced skin cancer than people with more pigment.
All supplementary tests showed that BIOXSINE does not influence melanin pigmentation.

Erythema Tests

Erythema is the name for skin redness that is visible to the naked eye. It is triggered by increased local blood circulation (hyperemia) in the skin tissue. Erythema can occur in various sizes, colour intensity, definition and dynamics. Erythema is frequently a sign of infection, but can also indicate that sensitive skin has reacted to a certain substance. It could be shown in the tests that the use of BIOXSINE products does not cause erythema.


An allergy is hypersensitivity where the immune system displays an excessive response to at least one substance. In the test period, allergic reactions were observed in the participants following use of neither BIOXSINE shampoo nor BIOXSINE serum.


Fats produced by the skin are called sebum. It could be shown in tests that the use of BIOXSINE products has no influence on the production of sebum.


It could be shown in tests that BIOXSINE products have no influence on the moisture content of the scalp.


The pH is a measurement for the acid or alkaline character of aqueous solutions. The surface of the skin has a slightly acidic pH that is on average 5.5. It is made up of the body’s own acidic substances in sweat, sebum and corneocytes. As this slightly acidic skin surface makes it difficult for germs and pathogens to penetrate, it is also known as the skin’s “protective acid mantle”. It could be shown in tests that BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE serum have no influence on the skin’s pH and the protective acid mantle remains intact.

Side Effects

Tests prove that BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE serum cause no systemic side effects. As both products are used purely locally, they only have an effect on the scalp and the hair follicles.