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About Biota Laboratories


Since Biota Laboratories was established, it has achieved a quick-paced development geared towards realizing its goal to create global brands with the products that it develops based on its herbal expertise, and generate effective and long-term herbal solutions to health and beauty issues.

Biota Laboratories aims to develop internationally renowned innovative products of proven quality and efficacy based on natural ingredients. Biota Laboratories products are clinically tested by the world's leading independent laboratories for their efficacy and reliability after the clinical trials conducted jointly by the prestigious universities of Turkey.

Biota Laboratories that offers health and beauty together in its innovative products synthesizes different herbs offered by nature and combines them carefully using the latest technologies.

Biota Laboratories draws upon the healing power of Anatolia which enjoys one of the richest floras of the world with 10,000 plants, of which 3,200 are indigenous. The benefits of this flora is harnessed by Biota Laboratories for the good of human health by combining the knowledge of the past with the technology of the future in its products. Biota Laboratories products are commercially available all around the world, mainly in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Poland and Azerbaijan..

Biota Laboratories products are sold in more than 24,000 pharmacies in Turkey under BIODER, BIOXCIN, NUTRAXIN and BIOBABY brands; and in thousands of sales points including hypermarkets, chain stores and perfumeries under BIOMEN, COLOR&MORE and RESTOREX brands.

Catering to the different needs of consumers from every group at different points of sales, Biota Laboratories maintains its leadership in the sector with its 100% herbal and natural solutions.

Biota Laboratories aims to achieve excellence in the quality of its every product and every operation by offering solutions that meet the various expectations and needs of consumers.

To this end, the company combines technology and nature through its science-oriented R&D.

In R&D laboratories, where more than 3000 experiments are conducted every month, the working principles are "Herbal Production", "Invention" and "Innovation". 

Biota Laboratories, whose products are offered to the market only after long R&D studies, allocates 3 million Euro to R&D every year. Thus, it researches the impacts of many other indigenous plants on human health and beauty.


Biota Laboratories manufactures the formulations developed by its own R&D Laboratories on its 35,000sqm facility. Quality Control Laboratories carries out the comprehensive quality control compliance analyses of raw materials, WIPs and products.

Biota Food Supplement divisions operate in production sites with HEPA filtration and are maintained at a positive pressure. The indoor environment is sealed as a closed system with access control via an interlock mechanism.

Production is planned and carried out by the expert and trained staff in line with





ISO9001 Quality Management System

ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System

ISO14001 Environment Management System

OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Using the modern infrastructures, information technology along with cutting-edge equipment and devices.


It is one of the 250 R&D centers approved by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

As of today, our R&D center continues its operations with six independent laboratories on area of 800 sqm: Cell Culture Laboratory, Plant Research Center, Cosmetic Products Development Laboratory Instrumental Analysis Laboratories, Packaging R&D Laboratory and Product Performance Laboratory. Top-notch instruments such as HPLC-MS-MS, GC-MS, Real Time PCR for molecular biological research, BioSpec-nano and DNA-RNA protein imaging system are available among the analytical devices in the R&D center touted for its top-of-the-line infrastructure in terms of equipment and hardware.

Our 30-scientist-strong team includes experts who hold PhD degrees in botany, chemistry and pharmacy, as well as MA degree holders in chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and pharmacy. Moreover, our consultant teachers from the leading universities of Turkey are in regular contact with R&D work groups.

 Stability studies and licensing activities are carried out within the scope of R&D. Our Medical Directorate conducts tests on developed products and manages our relations with the other universities. Our center mainly obtains extracts, conducts analyses and develops cosmetics and food supplements.

TÜBITAK projects, university cooperation and new product developments are also carried out in this center The scientific articles published in international journals, the posters for congresses and the verbal presentations are also prepared by our center.