F.A.Q. on BIOXSINE Anti Hair Loss Herbal Shampoo

Is BIOXSINE Shampoo usage compulsory before applying Serum?
You may wash your hair with your usual shampoo, but for best results, it is recommended that you use BIOXSINE Serum in conjunction with BIOXSINE Shampoo.

How long should BIOXSINE Shampoo be retained on the hair?
What are the effects of leaving BIOXSINE Shampoo on the scalp longer than directed?
Distinct from regular shampoos used daily for cleaning purposes alone, the scalp should be massaged for 1,5 - 2 minutes while applying BIOXSINE Shampoo, following which the hair should be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water. Retaining the shampoo on the hair for extended periods will not have further positive impact on the treatment process.



Ana Sayfa
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